Student Materials

Student materials include a compendium of resources and tools to use with each student as they research colleges, collect information on financial aid options, and obtain fee waivers for college applications. The student welcome letter provides an overview of what students can expect from Find the Fit.

Student Material  Description
Explore Factors of College Fit Shuffle, Sort and Stack: Find Your Fit Activity This activity is a sorting game that gets participants thinking about the four dimensions of fit and how they prioritize various college characteristics. Includes Discussion Guide with questions and talking points that may help facilitate a discussion of the activity.
Four Factors of Fit This handout outlines questions participants should ask about each college they research to learn about the college in relation to all four fit factors: academic match, personal preferences, institutional offerings, and affordability.
Follow a Plan College Application Timeline This timeline outlines key steps and milestone for enrolling in a college that is a good fit.
My College Planner My College Planner is to walk participants through key steps necessary to successfully search for, apply to and enroll in college. Two versions of the My College Planner are available: one for programs using the FTF text reminders with students and one for programs not using FTF text reminders.
Think About Cost My SCOOP – Sample Cost, Outcomes, and OPportunities (SCOOP) Sheet The goal of the SCOOP sheet is to encourage participants to broaden their search by illustrating the different costs and outcomes for some colleges that align with their academic credentials. The SCOOP sheet highlights key institutional outcomes and potential differences between the posted cost and net cost at a sample of colleges to which a participant is likely admissible.

Customized SCOOP sheets can be generated for your students using the SCOOP Sheet Generator and SCOOP Sheet Template. Instructions for generating customized SCOOP sheets are included on pages 17-19 in the Advisor Handbook.
Scholarships and Grants List This fillable PDF can be customized by advisors to display some state-specific scholarship sites and other more general websites to help participants search for scholarships and grants.
Expand Your College Options My College Search The My College Search is an easy-to-use template for participants to record key factors about colleges they are interested in.
Break Beyond the Familiar Activity This activity guides participants to reflect on their ability grow and adapt to new surroundings. It encourages them to broaden their search beyond familiar institutions. This activity includes a video, a short writing exercise and a discussion.
Discover Campus Support Services This handout describes the range of support services available on many college campuses and suggests ways for participants to learn about the specific support services available at the colleges on their application lists.
2+2 Transfer Planning This handout gives participants some general guidance on transferring from a 2-year college to a 4-year college.
Apply to Four or More Colleges The Common Application Information Sheet This handout introduces participants to, and reminds them of the benefits of, using the Common Application.
Information about Fee Waivers This handout reminds participants that they may be eligible for college application fee waivers.